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Asset Classification

This space is for the asset classification project

BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

This common top level space is to discuss BYOD issues.

Data Handling

A Space for holding discussions regarding data handling issues with the wider WARP community

General WARP Discussion

A Space for anyone to start a discussion regarding NLAWARP issues

Home and Remote Working

A place to have discussions around Home and Remote working with the wider WARP community

Network Defence

A space for general discussion and information about Network Defence


Discussion and advice on PCI DSS compliance

Performance Maturity and Metrics

This space covers IA benchmarking, maturity Modelling and Audit.

Rants and Ravings

IT and Information Security professionals... Don't suffer in silence. What's annoying you today? What would make your job easier? What would you like to see more of?

Reading Matters

A space for members to share inspiring, informative and generally enjoyable reading material.

Secure Messaging and Mail

This space is to discuss issues and share knowledge around secure messaging and secure e-mail programmes and projects